Image Of Army May Become Human Shield: Lieutenant General Panag

Recently the former General Officer Commanding of Northern Command Lt General Panag was called an Anti-National for criticising the alleged use of Kashmiri weaver as a Human Shield from stone pelting, with the abuse Lt Gen Panag has a unique way to handle it. With over 2,000 odd tweets faced threatening to beat Lt Gen Panag or to question his knowledge of Kashmir despite being served for 40 years. Lt Gen Panag have decided to answer each and every question. "It was a thought out tweet and response from me but I didn't expect to be in the news."
Lt Gen Panag not just hit the headlines as being one of the Army Officers, who has been questioned for his role, he made an international news, Lt Gen Panag jokes by saying "I used to have 40,000 followers, now I have 44,000,"

How he deals with the abuse which he faces and if he do not feel the traumatised when asked Lt Gen Panag replied, "Well, I made it to New York Times, and other renowned publications with my views so who won in the end?"

To NDTV Lt General Panag told the levity side that, criticism cannot be seen as anti-national. Making a distinction between hyper-nationalism and being a patriot, he said that in order to grow from strength to strength, the army needed criticism, needed to be questioned.

The image of Indian Army will be end up the defining image, just like Napalm girl was for the Vietnam War further added by Lt Gen Panag.

Lt Gen Panag said, "I can safely say that the army has never used a human shield before this."
As Lt Gen Panag is a believer in the goodness of the force.

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