Husband Of Women Techie Who Was Killed In New Jersey, Is Allowed To Attend Her Funeral In India

The husband of the Indian-origin woman Sasikala who was from Andhra Pradesh killed along with her son last week in New Jersey is now allowed to go to India for the funeral, according to the sources

Hanumantha Rao's "movements are not restricted in any way by the criminal justice system," according to Joel Bewley, the Burlington County Prosecutor's spokesperson, quoted by a local channel in the US. "He has not been charged with a crime."

A week ago, a woman Who was software Engineer Working from home, who basically belongs from Andhra Pradesh was killed in New Jersey. Her Husband found the lady and her 7-year-old son dead in their home.

N Sasikala and the child were killed by suffocating them or killing someone by squeezing the throat according to her relatives in Vijayawada. Her husband, N Hanumantha Rao, reportedly told the police  and media that he discovered his wife’s body when he returned back home from work.

“We suspect that they have been murdered following an affair of my son-in-law with another woman there” said Ms Sasikala’s mother, Krishna Kumari, to news agency ANI. Indian-American community leader and Prasad Thotakura claimed that Mr Rao allegedly found his wife and child “in a pool of blood” and “with their throats slit”.

Mr Rao and Ms Sasikala both were software professionals. She usually worked from home and there were reports that she went out to pick her son from school last afternoon before they headed home.

The husband is not suspected till now for the incident and is now allowed to attend her wife's funeral in India.

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