Hungary Alligator Gnaws Down On Fish

A video that's now viral grabs the moment an colossal alligator feasts on a large fish on a golf course in Florida. David Mack posted a video on Instagram displaying the alligator chomping down on the fish with its razor-sharp teeth. The video was shot at the Sandhill Crane Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens and transfered on Instagram on May 13.
"Get your picture and get out of here, David," a man, reportedly Mr Mack's father, can be heard saying in the background.

"Dad was not impressed with my National Geographic skills," Mr Mack writes in a inscription on Instagram.
Mr Mack reveals palm beach post he was playing a round of golf with his father when they noted the gator make his catch at the ninth hole.
"We heard a splash and looked down, and the gator had the fish," he says.
Mr Mack dibs he was about eight feet from the alligator when he shot the video. The alligator, which can be seen on the establishing green close to a lake, was between eight and 10 feet long, he estimates.


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