How India Has Stepped into the Global Market Under PM Modi : Highlights

India is indeed proud to have a government that knows how the government which represents a country functions when it comes to globalisation. PM Modi’s agendas come clear when he expressed desire to make good relation with whole of Asia.To the 69 nations participating in the flagship geo-political conference "Raisina Dialogue", PM Modi told that reform is possible when economy and the society too transforms. He has redefined the term reform in the context of a nation. . Take a look what did PM said in his speech today in Delhi:

  • Reform in a country like India means Economic growth, employment opportunities for youth, welfare for farmers and security of our nation.
  • The world needs India as much as India needs the world.
  • Patriarchal attitude in this world which is changing every moment with a tremendous speed is something that can take back India where from it will never be able to rise.
  • Multi-polar Asia is a real thing and it is also sketching the rise of several nations too.
  • Realism, cooperation, co-existence and partnership are the factors that can make nations come together.
  • Well, PM Modi is right to use the idea of Nation as a man-made construct in his speech. He focused on the real things that divide a nation or any community. The most important factor is religion which if sidelined from terror can bring amazing results.
  • The country has been able to establish good relationships with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan.
  • China and Pakistan have not come in very good terms.
  • Two neighbouring countries do have differences but respect for each other can remove the differences and at the same time bring the countries at good terms in context to economy.
  • It cannot be the case that only India walks on the path of peace. Pakistan too needs to understand the same and shake hands with India sidelining terror and without questioning the capabilities of India as a nation.


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