Holi: Play It With Some Etiquettes, Don’t Be a Goon

Holi with colors; enjoy as much as you want. Paint the faces of your loved ones but do you know why this festival was started or what does it mean. One of the most awaited and celebrated festival in India is this festival of colors Holi. It is known for the celebrations of the colors of brotherhood and unity.

You might be thinking that this festival of colors is for having fun, get intoxicated by Hemp. Correct? NO, enjoy the colors by spreading love and care. Don’t try to take the advantages of girls don’t be a source of hooliganism nor let anyone do hooliganism.

India-Land of festivals, land of love. The land of Gods, where we celebrate to thank God, where all the classes of people comes together to enjoy the purpose of life and not for having alcohol, hemp or anything which makes us intoxicated.

What Happens Actually ?

Do you know that what happen more than enjoying the essence of this festival or we can say that what today’s generation is thinking about this festival?
Festival for today’s generation is, day where they can do the rash driving, getting high and do hooliganism.

On this particular day women get molested more than any other day and in return the famous saying of “Bura na maano, Holi hai”. Seriously! who has given you the right, my question is from all the males who think that they can apply the colors on the face of girls without asking them, hold them tight to paint their faces and say the famous saying. A man tries to pound himself over women on the name of Holi.
In other cases where such limits are prevented, women are directly subjected to smutty comments and lascivious looks. Now a day’s playing Holi in itself is becoming the opportunity used by men to molest women.
Stop This now and women if anything happens with you “Bura Maano”. Take a stand against it on that very moment and for man if you see such things, go and try to stop that may be your one step that can save a victim from molestation.

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