Since then, a great program as National Science Day is celebrated around India. Every year by the students, teachers, institutions, technical and research institutions, researchers, medical, academic, scientific institutions in India. On the occasion of the first celebration of National Science Day in India and the popularisation of science communication in recognition of outstanding effort and a plausible national science popularisation award announcement was made by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication.

The goal of the National Science Day

To largely spread a message about the importance of scientific applications in people's daily lives National Science Day is celebrated every year.

All activities,efforts and achievements in the field of science for human well-being.

For the development of science and new technology to implement all issues.

Scientific minds in the country to give citizens a chance.

Science and technology as well as those known to promote.

National Science Day theme

1999 was the subject of "Our Changing Earth".

The theme of 2000 was "to generate interest in basic science."

2001 was the subject of "information technology for science education."

2002 was the subject of "money from the West."

The theme of 2003 was "Ruprekha- 50 years of life and 25 years of IVF DNA."

The theme of 2004 "in the scientific community to promote awareness."

2005 was the subject of Physics "to celebrate".

The theme of 2006 "to bring nature to our future."

2007 was the subject of "more crop per fluid".

2008 was the subject of "Understanding Planet Earth".

The theme of 2009, "to raise the threshold of science."

The year 2010 was the subject of "gender equality for sustainable development, science and technology".

2011 was the subject of "Chemistry in daily life".

2012 was the subject of "Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety".

The year 2013 was the subject of "genetically modified crops and food security".

The theme of 2014 was "to promote scientific temper".

Year 2015 was the subject of "nation-building for science".

In 2016, the subject of scientific issues for the country's development goal is to increase public appreciation.

The theme of 2017 is “"Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons”

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