Highway Liquor Ban: A New Rule In Rajasthan

Protest and debate over the ban on liquor shops at highways to stop the drink driving. Order in Rajasthan may provide the hem to the SC ruling.

Jaipur a popular state for tourist is set to nominate the sections of highways, which is passing through populated areas as urban roads if connected by a bypass. The step will make a stretches of highways free to the court order banning liquor shops within the range of 500 metres. Officials says that the rule will implement on roads passing through limits of towns and cities.

After the SC ruling on Saturday i.e. 1st April many liquor shops along national and state highways have been shut down. The SC has dismissed the petitions seeking a clearance on ban, which includes the state government which have more time to implement the order.

Ban on Pubs, Bars and restaurants near highways have been extended. The distance have also reduced from 500 to 220 metres in area with the population of 20,000.

A bench headed by Chief Minister of India JS Khehar ruled that, "The Aim is to check drunken driving and so there is no dilution of the original order passed by this court. Drunken driving as the aim is a major cause of road accidents in the country,"

There are 250,000km of National and state Highways, about 150,000 people are killed in road accidents in 2015. According to the road and transport highway minister.After 31st march, there will be no renew of licenses and have to ban the fresh licenses which was ordered last year by the court to the Government. Even removal of liquor banners and ads from routes was also ordered.

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