Head-On Between Air India and Indigo Plane At Delhi Airport

An accident was diverted as an Air India Plane call it quite to avoid colliding with an Indigo Plane that was landing on a converging runway at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Said by a source that both Plane’s pilots skip the disaster by following the Standard Operating process.

This incident took place not much before when Narendra Modi went to the Airport to pick up Sheikh Hasina from Bangladesh.

Delhi-Goa Flight AI 156 of Air India’s was about to take off from the runway 28 at 11:15Am, when ATC stopped and asked the pilot to come back to the bay, said by the source.

27 minutes later Indigo’s Ranchi to Delhi 6E398 landed on runway. In Air India Plane there were 122 passengers, which took off for Goa at 12:50 Pm.

Indigo flight was cleared to land but when it touches down, they saw the Air India Plane at converging point and as standard operating Procedure, and it took off again. The other flight of Air India was given the go ahead to fly at the very same time, and when saw the Indigo flight the ATC told to cancel the take-off.

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