Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

Remembered as one of the most influential and inspirational leaders of African-American in the world history, Martin Luther King Jr.. He was born on 15th January in the year 1929 in Georgia, Atlanta. He became the pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist church of Montgomery, Alabama. and completed his Ph.D. He was a religious man. A moment which changed his life was the boycott of the Montgomery Bus. He was elected as leader for the boycott movement. This was the first time when he got ignited with the fire from inside to stand for the civil rights of African-Americans. In the year 1963,a demonstration in downtown Birmingham, Alabama where he gave his famous speech “I HAVE A DREAM”. Entire families attended. He received Noble Peace Price in the year 1964.

He was assassinated in April 1964.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s life had a seismic impact on race relations in the United States. Years after his death, he is the most widely known African-American leader of his era. His life and work have been honored with a national holiday, schools and public buildings named after him, and a memorial on Independence Mall in Washington, D.C.

Let’s look at some of the famous words which were said by MLK Jr.

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