In Gujarat Riots Convict Of Maya Kodnani: Amit Shah Needed In Court

A former Minister Maya Kodnani in Gujrat is sentenced to jail for leading role in 2002 communal riots, wants Amit Shah BJP Chief Minister to be summoned to court for her help and establish that she was not at the scene of 2 deadly blow-up of assault.

On 21st April the court in Gujarat will listen to her request. Bharat Pandya BJP spokesman said that ‘It’s a sub judice mater and we do not want to judge on the matter.’

Maya Kodnani in 2012, was sentenced to jail for 28 years for her role in the Naroda Patiya Massacre, the 3 say riots for the single bloodiest episode. Later, she was granted bail on July 2014.

‘We have moved the application so that there are witnesses to support our allegation that my client was not present at the spot and is falsely suspected’ said by her Lawyer to NDTV

From Ahmedabad’s main city Naroda Patiya is 10 Kms away, where almost 100 Muslims were killed. She has also been liable for murder in riots that took place the very same day, on 28th February 2002, next to Naroda Gram where about 11 Muslims died.

At the time of riots Maya Kodnani was not a minister but from 2007 to 2009, she was a Gujarat’s minister for women and child development and she is the highest profile figure to be imprisoned with the riots.

Mr. Shah who was an elected MLA at the time of riots and 13 listed by Maya Kodnani can prove that at the time of killings that Maya Kodnani is accused of, Maya Kodnani was at the Gujarat Assembly and then at Sola Civil Hospital, said by Maya Kodnani

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