UP Government Issues Do’s And Don’ts For Devotees: Kanwar Yatra

Today the annual Kanwar Yatra began, the do’s and don’ts for devotees has been issued by the Uttar Pradesh Home Department and banned the DJ’s on their route.

To maintain calm and not to hurt the feelings of any community has been asked from the devotees.

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath a day after asked pilgrims participating in the yatra not to play "vulgar" movie songs and not to "show-off", the direction for the devotees has come.

By the devotees of Lord Shiva the Kanwar Yatra is undertaken by the annual pilgrimage. The Yatra from where the devotees fetch holy water of River Ganga in small pots and carry it to Neelkanth, the Yatra begins from Gangotri.

In all districts the prohibitory orders will be imposed and DJs will be banned. To all the owners of the DJ this information will be given, it said.

By the district magistrate, in a special cases the permission will be given.

The directive added by saying that, “without the permission of the authorities concerned any public address system or loudspeakers should be used.”

The identity cards of the Kanwariyas have been asked to carry, not to misbehave with anyone and not to get "provoked by any incident" and keep calm.


The Kanwariyas should not consume smoke or liquor during their yatra, it said and by adding that they should carry the numbers of the family members and friends in their bags and if unwell carry medicines with them.
To support police the Kanwariyas are been requested, “the Kanwariyas should take the route earmarked for them and pave way for ambulances and other vehicles deployed for essential services” said by the directives.

"Caution should be made not to hurt feelings of any community or person and parody or songs hurting anyone", it said.

DJs do not go with religious feelings and playing of vulgar film songs. Also, it is improper to indulge in gambling after worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali" said by the Chief Minister yesterday.



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