Google Doodle pays homage to the inventor of ‘raincoat’, Charles Macintosh

The celebration of Rainy Season features umbrellas and Raincoats. Have you ever wondered how amazingly Raincoat works when you have to step out in Rainy Season out of necessity? Umbrella may make your hands busy but Raincoat is something that can let things go easily. The credit of creating such an unbeatable wonder goes to Mr. Charles Macintosh, a Scottish chemist.

If we talk about Scotland till 1924, then we must mention that living in that region was quite challenging because of the unpredictability of the weather. But then Macintosh stepped in who experimented with various chemicals and eventually found that Naptha, which is a by-product of tar and was able to dissolve India rubber and the resulting mixture turned as waterproof material.

Born in December 29, 1766; Macintosh made life easier then and the creation of Raincoat stand unbeatable even now. Charles was originally employed as a clerk but he had interest in Chemistry which made him leave the job. The discovery of first waterproof cloth ever in history made life much easier. Macintosh founded his own company which at present time is known as the ‘Dunlop Rubber Company’. This company produces waterproof sheets and clothes.

Charles got married in 1790 with Mary Fisher and he had a son named George Macintosh. He died on July 25, 1843 and was burried at the churchyard of Glassgow Cathedral. His journey is the journey of a phenomenal inventor who is being payed tribute by Google Doodle at his 250th birthday today.


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