Good Bye2016: Can I really have a Happy New Year? The Student voice

New Year sounds exciting because we can look for something new in the upcoming year. But as students, we see some things around us that can’t let us experience this excitement. Let us have a look what exactly is needed to let us celebrate the New Year:

Free Mind: As youngsters, we have realised where our society actually lacks. What we need is a free culture which looks at the conversation between a boy and a girl with an open mind. On one hand we have something known as gender equality and on the other we have a taboo associated with co-ed hostels. It is true that women need to work in safe surroundings but this doesn’t mean that such a surrounding exists where the two stands poles apart. There can be alternatives which need to be realised.

Why Boards: The topic of Boards for class 10th has been quite controversial this year. CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Human Resource Development (HRD) have been thinking over to bring back Board Exams for Class 10. These have its benefits of course but why bother students who are busy preparing for competitive exams and for admission in a good stream for higher studies.

Obsession with Attendance:  We all know that attendance has been an obsession of the education system. But since every individual has a different story so how can one judge all on one single scale. Attendance carries good weightage in the final score and those who are otherwise good in academics but are unable to attend school/college regularly face unpleasant consequences. Something like attendance can operate the final results of a student and might bring good results for non deserving candidate.

Interesting Canteen: Canteen might be a simple place for somebody to go and quench his/her hunger but for students it is the point to relax and have some fun. So Canteen plays a major role in student’s life. Why not make it look interesting with some unique food items in the menu than those old ‘chole-poori’ dishes or oily ‘chole-bathoore’. It is not the case that fast-food attracts us but the unique taste that can help us taking a break from ‘ghar ka khana’.

Facade of importance of marks: It is not only students who complain about the facade of importance of exams but even teachers disapprove the criteria followed by Education System for admissions. This is high time for Education System to revise the syllabus as well as criterion of admissions. Can a mark sheet really decide the future of a person? Unfortunately it does in India.

The list cannot end here but these are some simple things that really matter. What do you say? Tell us in the comments section below.

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