Gir Lions Have Highest Dealing Value

Asiatic Lion are in gigantic command in zoos across the planet, and Gujarat being the only brick of the danger species is at better benefit. The uniqueness of the Asiatic Lions has assisted Sakkarburg Zoological Park in Junagadh to get more species and animals in order of a few lions.

In the past two years, the zoo has got 104 mammals in barter of 24 lions, existence one of the oldest and largest zoos in the country, Sakkarburg zoo homes, 1,300 mammals of 114 species. Expansion over 81.81 hectares, the zoo is situated near hilly of Girnar.

Currently, Sakkarburg zoo gave three lions ( one male and two females ) to Prague capital of Czech Republic and will get 15 animals in deal. Sakkarburg zoo will soon get seven animals containing a pair of African Cheetahs from London ( Europe ) zoo in barter of one pair of Asiatic Lion.

In 2009, the zoo bought four African Cheetahs from Singapore zoo under animal barter programme. Nevertheless, three of them passed away due to miscellaneous reasons and only one female continued to live.

Sakkarburg zoo, completed in 1863 by the then Nawab of Junagadh state is administered by Central Zoo Authority to equivalent breeding of Asiatic Lion

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