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People have different views and opinions regarding several things. Similarly, everyone has a different answer for the question, IS IT BETTER TO BE A LEADER THAN TO BE A FOLLOWER? Some people want to be a leader and some also say that being a follower is best for them.


Just as a person once said ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, in this case power can be recognized as leadership. There are many pros and cons in being both, a follower and a leader.


Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibilities, people expect a lot from you. You are always under the spotlight and are held responsible for your follower’s mistakes. There are also pros in being a leader. You get to teach people something that they haven’t known and in the process you too enhance your skills. You can affect change in your work group easier. As a leader people will naturally listen to your ideas, follow your instructions, etc. By being a good leader, you may also feel that you led something because of which you’d be proud of yourself. You also have to respect others. Being a leader means that you can test your limits, and how well do you do under pressure. In the process, you will constantly enhance yourself to adapt to different and complex conditions.



Being a follower means you have less responsibility than the leader does, you have to stress less too. It also means you have to be dependent on your leader, for him to make a good decision and other things. Being a follower can also lead you to learn new, more things. You will be able to feel like you are a part of something. You’ll be able to feel better about yourself. The thing is, sometimes being a follower is the right thing as long as you’ve chosen a good leader with sound morals, and good judgment who is capable of being a trustworthy leader.



If you are a natural leader it’s good to sometimes let others shine as a leader when it is appropriate. Letting others step up into leadership roles can be very empowering for you since just because you’re the follower doesn’t mean you give up your morals and good judgment. It just means that you are capable of taking direction from someone who has a good vision of where the group wants to go.


Both, the leader and the follower are dependent on each other. To be a leader, you need followers and to be a follower you need a leader. A follower’s action reflects the leader’s image and a leader is responsible for what his followers do. It is always advisable to start off as a follower the later grow to be a leader. But be a follower first and only then you will become a leader. There is no harm in being a follower when you are under and being led by a good leader. Everything in life should go step by step so if you are a follower first then a leader, you will always benefit more. Plus every leader is a follower of his own values, beliefs and principles. Thus no one shall boast about being a leader and also not a follower.



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