Opinion: THE BLUE WHALE GAME – A Cyber Monster

By Sumit Sharma : Waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, listening to psychedelic music all day long,drawing a sketch of a blue whale game on one's skin and self-mutilation. Will a normal person do such a thing, they will not.


The above description is a monster game that has emerged online and has taken lives of many. This game is called a blue whale challenge but this game is far from a challenge. The game challenges and targets young minds and when they accept the challenge it gives them a series of tasks, which get more and more sinister at each step.


This game emerged in Russia and has taken lives of more than hundred people. India woke up to this blue whale game when a teenage boy in Mumbai's Andheri area committed suicide last month. However, the police have not found links to his death to the game.


Some cases of suicide through this game have emerged in the country but the exact evidence is not yet available. Children are the most vulnerable to it, so what could be the cause. It could be curiosity, thrill and for those who are in depression are likely to be the easy targets.


The game has become a trend among the teenagers and if we talk about it in medical terms then " hormones take over intelligence". Even if parents are loving and available for them, they would want to do something thrilling because this has become a social stunt. Hence, it is important that parents teach their children safe online behavior.


Users especially teens should be more careful before giving access to their personal information because this game hacks personal information from its users and later on bully and threaten them to complete the tasks.


Parents should trust their children but keeping an eye on what they do on social media is very important. Invest more time with your child, address them about the dangerous groups that prevail online and what harm they can cause.


Children should be taught that they still can be accepted if they do not go along with the crowd and the social peer pressure.


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