The traditional delicacy of Nepal and other Himalayan states, those small dumplings full of minced meat have became the part of everyone's tasty culture whether you are from Tibet or Delhi. The hot steamed momos filled with meat or cabbage and tangy chilli garlic chutney is treat to our taste buds.

Initially they might not be pleasing for someone who is vegetarian and don't like cabbage that much as filling but over the past several years fillings have been derived from vegetables, tofu, cheese, vegetable and cheese combination.

Steamed momos with mustard sauce or spicy chutney is regular for us but tandoori and masala momos are giving us reason to love them more. The momos drowned in lip-smacking chutney with the fusion of garlic, onions, chillies and momos ready in tandoor with the filling of your choice will definitely make you falling in love for them.


In the chillng weather of winters they will give you the warm feelings not only to your taste but to your soul too. Plan your next hangout with friends or night out with that special-one and include those small steamed or tandoori momos with the fillings of your choice to your what-to-eat list.

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