Food Special: Amazing Peppery Eating Joints In Kamla Nagar

New Delhi: Being a hard core foodie, it is really hard to end up munching nothing while you are travelling, shopping or even doing nothing. We usually take decision of not eating outside or will eat something healthier  but end up with eating some 'chole-bhaturey' or 'chaat' and if you are of this kind then you can easily relate with it.

Kamla Nagar in Delhi is known for student's shopping hub and savoury food was my next destination to go and explore and I was thinking to eat some salad or 'Ghar Ka Khana' that day but again ended up with four amazing eating points for breaking my hunger strike.

1. Tom Uncle's Maggi Point
Maggie has been making place in our kitchens and in our hearts from decades and this place put it one level higher with 50 varieties of maggie from cheese to Manchurian to egg and what not.

maggie2. Momo's point

A modest and decent place where you can spend time with your friends and can have nice food like chilli potato, chow mein and momos. Their delicious taste will definitely give you the reason to go there again and again.
3. Chache Di Hatti
If you are punjabi or not, Chole Bhaturey is your love even if you're from North. This place serves you not-so spicy Chole with the blend of their own unique masala and bhaturey with the filling of mashed potatoes. People have been coming here since 32 years and this is the proof of their authentic taste.

4. Kamla Nagar chaat street
This busy street has a lot zesty food to serve you like chaat, aloo tikki, mushroom and paneer tikka, rumali roti wraps and so many other foodstuff with galore taste and hygiene. If you like to have street food or want to try,then this is probably a great option.

panner-1panner-4Next time if you are planning to go to Kamla Nagar then don't forget to give your taste a boost with these amazing foods.

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