Five Things to Know Before Going for English Honors

First of all, there is a need to understand that English as a language is very different from English literature as a subject. If you think that you managed a score of 95/100 in class 12 in English and hence you can go ahead for your graduation in BA (H) ENGLISH, then, here is a warning for you.

  • If you are unable to grasp historical events, then this course might not be interesting for you. Nobody can and in fact nobody should remember dates of each and every incident and history is not all about dates, Right?
  • The course demands reading habit from the students. The basic requirement is in fact habit of reading and then this course will polish the way you read. Be ready for the regions that your reading (before being a student of English honors) couldn’t explore.
  • If writing lengthy answers with fashionable words could fetch you marks in the school then just remember there is a fine line between school and college studies. Here you are judged according to your ability of developing an argument and not merely by writing boring summaries.
  • Most people take the course to have a limited career opportunities but this is not so. Language Specialist, Content Writer, Subtitle Specialist, Journalist, PR (Public Relation) are just some of the many profiles you can choose for yourself.
  • There is no room for your like or dislike of any form of writing. Here you have to drown yourself in drama, prose, poetry and what not.

The picture is sketched not to make the course repelling. There are indeed a lot of fascinating things about the subject as opposed to ‘Five Things to Know before Going for English Honors’. The power to question, the taboo of ‘sex’, and the hidden hypocrisies under rhetoric are all waiting for you. So, have you made up your mind now?

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