First Day Without Red Beacon: Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari the Road and Transport Minister from over 18 months has run after a proposal to reduce the long list of VIPs, as they are allowed to use red Beacons atop their cars. On Wednesday the decision has come by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he decided to put to an end to the use of beacon or Lal Batti for India’s VIP culture from 1st May.

Mr. Gadkari said that the decision of ending the use of Beacon or Lal Batti could help to start a new era of politics and bring more chance to the political class, he said to NDTV. The Union Minister said, "This is a very important decision for the democracy because a lot of people have a lot of hatred, with the behaviour of the politician. And the use of red light on atop on the car has become just a status symbol. So by today's decision, it can start a new era of new politics."

The first to take off the Red Beacon or the Lal Batti from his official car was Mr. Gadkari after the decision taken on Wednesday by the Cabinet meeting where other Union Minister were told about the ending of use of Red Beacon or Lal Batti. When asked about how he feels driving without Red Beacons or Lal Batti for which he answered it's a matter of "great pleasure and pride".

The Minister told to NDTV, "I am very much happy, morally... Today my car is without a red light, I feel really great pleasure and pride."

From last 18 month Mr. Gadkari and his Ministry is been discussing the issue but there was no Unanimity. Mr. Gadkari said, “Then we sent our options to the PMO and it is only with the help of the Cabinet and PM, we have come to conclusion.”

The AAP Government was the first to declare in February 2015 that the ministers will not use the Red Beacons or Lal Batti in the official cars. Captain Amarinder Singh was the first one to decide, when he became the Punjab Chief Minister, last month.

By the end of this month the rules will be issued and only emergency vehicles will be allowed to have Red Beacons of specified colours, so that the road users identify them and make way for them.

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