Finding the meaning of Humanity: Taher Shah’s ‘Humanity Love’

This is the world full of human beings but do these beings have time to spend a moment to wonder at what exactly humanity is? Here is Pakistani singer-songwriter Taher Shah who has come with his new video titled as ‘Humanity Love.’ His previous offerings, Eye to Eye and Angel amazed us so we can expect something to excite us even now, after this video.

The video was aired on social media on January 1. Mr Shah is dressed in golden robes and is styled with a manbun in the video.

Mr Shah recites Urdu poetry on love rather than singing this time. So, Mr Shah’s words may help if you have some plans to tell about your love to that someone special.

The video has received over 2.1 lakh views and about 2,500 shares on Facebook.

Haven’t you seen the video yet?  If you have, share your experience with us.

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