‘We Are Fighting Poverty, Pak Fighting Us’: Top Quotes Of Sushma Swaraj

NEW YORK:  External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj gave her second speech at the UN General Assembly. The union minister, praised by many for her prompt help to Indians distressed in various parts of the world, has made it clear that India attaches highest priority to development and prosperity of the region under its "neighbourhood first" policy. Ms Swaraj gave her speech in Hindi. Yesterday, Ms Swaraj and the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed a wide range of bilateral issues, including the situation in the neighbourhood and the Indo-Asia Pacific region.


Here are top 10 quotes from Sushma Swaraj's speech at UN General Assembly
We are fighting poverty, but our neighbouring state Pakistan is fighting against us.
The country (Pakistan) accused of state-sponsored terrorism and human rights violation Listening to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, people had only one observation, 'Look who is talking'
India and Pakistan got Independence together. But, Why is it that today India is recognised as a hi tech superpower. But Pakistan is recognised only as the pre-eminent export factory for terror?
Our contemporary world is trapped in a deluge of troubles of which, surely, the most dangerous is the relentless rise of violence.
A sense of urgency and unshakeable fortitude to take decisions is required to avert catastrophe.
India is the oldest target of terrorism. Then, many countries in the world dismissed terrorism as a law and order problem. But now the time has come to introspect on the subject.
Terrorism is an existentialist danger to humankind. There is no justification for this barbaric violence. Let's display new commitment by reaching agreement by reaching agreement on the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism this year.
Countries still differ on the definition of terrorism and terrorists. I request all to find an unanimous definition of terrorism and resolve to fight it together
If we cannot agree to define our enemy, how can we fight together?
India's culture and thought have been shaped by history and philosophy that believes in peace as humankind's only rational and practical objective May all be happy; May all be healthy; May all see what is good; May all be free from suffering.


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