Father’s Day: Bollywood Stars Tell Us What They Learnt From Their Dads

Mumbai : To mark Father's Day today, Bollywood celebs tell us what they learnt from their dads. Before the stars take to social media and share lovely memories, check out what Richa Chadha, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Ali Fazal and Saqib Saleem have to say for the special occasion.


Richa Chadha: "I learnt to pursue excellence and quality rather than quantity from my father. He wanted me to get good grades, but all the same let us enjoy our childhood with several extracurricular activities as well. He supported me whole-heartedly when I told him I want to be an actor. I think I choose good content because of my parents."


Taapsee Pannu: "The sense of responsibility, clarity and how well organized he is. I learned that u need to take the onus of your life and take responsibility on your own shoulders as soon as possible. The way he is so clear and organized with the things he does is inspirational. I think my clarity of thought is all thanks to him."



Vicky Kaushal: "My father taught me the value of humility, honesty, and hard work. The one thing that he always told me while growing up was, to never be afraid of the future. If you give 100% to your present, your future will be better than what you want it to be... is what he always said. I live my life with this principle."





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