A Facebook Video By The Heaviest Women’s Sister As She Claims No Weight Loss Since In Mumbai Hospital

A Facebook Video By The Heaviest Women’s Sister As She Claims No Weight Loss Since In Mumbai Hospital

Story of a world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed Abdulati, is shedding the weight miraculously at a Hospital in Mumbai but it does not look like what it is like. In a Facebook video her 32 year old sister has accused a renowned Mumbai doctor and hospital of lying for publicity, "Everything was a lie. God forgive them for what they have done... Eman did not lose 240 kg or 260 kg," Shimaa says, speaking softly in the video.

In February Eman Ahmen who is 36 years old arrived from Egypt, in February she weighed nearly about 500 KG. In Mumbai, to the Saifee Hospital run by renowned Bariatric surgeon Muffazal Lakdawala. Since then Eman Ahmed loss a rapid weight loss and says she is half her weight now. Now the family of Eman Ahmed attempts to get Eman Ahmed leave without full treatment.

Eman Ahmed is cleared to go back to her home in Egypt. But Eman Ahmed sister says, she is far from ready, and that she has been suffering seizures since a surgery in March. The last time she suffered one three years ago, says her sister, had left her right side paralysed.

"Eman Ahmed has lost a lot of weight, and I have fulfilled my promise that Eman Ahmed would be able to sit on a chair. Now, she is suffering from neurological problems that don't fall under my supervision. Sister Shimaa has made a video accusing me; it's circulating within the Egyptian consulate. The officials who helped us in getting Eman to Mumbai are so ashamed of her behaviour that they are apologising to me," said by Dr. Lakdawala by denying the allegation of the family. He said to the Mid-Day.

On April 14th the mobile video is been taken, Eman Ahmed is lying motionless in the Hospital bed with feeding tubes as her sister introduces herself and gives a view of the room. She says Eman had contracted thrombosis for the second time since she arrived at the hospital.

"My problem is this hospital which is not equipped for such a case. Those people care about show and propaganda only, to appear on mass media... they don't care about the patient. She is in this critical condition. She is on heavy medication to stop brain activity. Her face and hands are bluish,"Shimaa, Eman Ahmed sister said. "These people are not good at all. Not polite. Liars. Doctor Muffazal cheated us. Liar. Doctor said Eman will be treated...and promised Eman will be fine and she will lose weight. Eman... she has been destroyed. She has been operated just to show people she lost some weight...Pray for Eman to leave this place safely and to be cured," further added by Eman Ahmed

She also said doctors had promised proper toilet facilities but "it was a lie."

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