EVM In Madhya Pradesh Voted Only For BJP, Opposition Demands Action

In a demonstration held in Madhya Pradesh,  where a machine was tested as to check its accuracy, what authority found out was unexpected, the machine only voting for BJP, An Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that reported to vote only for a particular party

The Election Commission of India has filed a detailed report from Bhind's District Election Officer after seeing the video of a demonstration organised by state election officials and demanded investigation.

All the opposition party specially AAP and BSP demanded to take actions after they are sensing the faulty result in Assembly elections 2017.  The opposition parties are claiming that BJP is in majority just because of the wrong counting of the EVM.

Chief Electoral Officer Shalina Singh  told reporters and media that they wanted to show how the VVPAT - Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail - would let voters know if the machine voted for the different candidate than the one selected by the candidate. She also rejected claims that the machine voted for the BJP on both occasions.

But the opposition that has been raising questions on the EVMs weren't clearly satisfied.

VVPAT is a kind of machine which dispenses a slip that shows the party's symbol for which a person has voted for. The slip is visible for seven seconds before it drops in a box.

Mr Kejriwal too arrived at the commission soon to claim against the EVM, after the Madhya Pradesh example, where the machine allegedly voted for the BJP irrespective of the candidate selected.
The investigation is in process to clear the blur picture.

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