Emotions Of A Mother Can Bring Smile And Tears At Same Time

Motherhood is the feeling one can never understand except the mother who is carrying her child in her womb for nine months and in her arms for whole life. The moment when a woman get to feel her child’s first movement in her womb is priceless and can be felt by mother only. A video is shared on social media in which the movements of infant in womb are visible to everyone. This video is getting viral because of the movements made by the infant, the way he is moving it seems like he is keen to come out in this beautiful world. The post is shared by a pregnant lady on an Instagram page pregnant_videos, which is being liked by many people and going viral for a very beautiful reason.

This video will make you smile and will bring tears of happiness in your eyes at same time.

Feeling of the movements done by infant in womb is an achievement for a mother. Now this video has given everyone a chance to feel that beautiful feeling.

If a woman is carrying a baby in her womb then she can feel the movements in around 16th week. If one is not feeling any movement till 24th week then should consult a Doctor. Doctor will recommend ultra sound or some test according to the situation.

Ladies enjoy your motherhood and be proud that you have given the ability to feel this beautiful feeling.


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