Election Manifestos Have Become A Mere Piece Of Paper: Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice of India JS Khehar said that political parties must be held accountable for unfulfilled electoral promises. During his speech President of India Pranab Mukherjee was also present.  He addressed there that "Now a days, manifestos have become a mere piece of paper, for this political parties have to be made accountable".

In a seminar on 'Economic Reforms with Reference to Electoral Issues', Justice Khehar said manifestos remain "pieces of paper" due to short-term memory of voters.

Justice Dipak Misra, the next senior-most judge, said "purchasing power has no room in elections" and a candidate must bear in mind that "contesting elections is not an investment".

"Candidates and voters must remember that out of debt is out of danger," Justice Misra said, adding the day a voter goes to vote without being tempted "would be a glorious day for democracy".

Therefore manifestos are to be looked carefully and their implementation should be held accountable to the parties.

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