Election Commission Seeks Inputs For Hackathon. Calling Arvind Kejriwal

A suggestions was conducted on Friday for a hackathon for voting machines will be sought from the Parties of Political by the Election Commission at a meeting in Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was amongst the inviters from Aam Aadmi Party which has been lobbying shrilly against the EVMs that are in use currently. The EVM machines were manipulated to ensure he lost February’s election Punjab and that the commission was complicit in the conspiracy with the BJP party, which is been elected in states like UP with a margin said by Arvind Kejriwal.


On Friday the commission’s meeting with the representatives of major parties, 48 regional and 7 national. After Mr Kejriwal's party provided some major political theatre yesterday by using the Delhi Assembly to demonstrate that voting machines are not hard to rig. Machine used for the dramatic show and tell was a lesser version and bootlegged of the real deal, responded by the commission. For anyone outside the commission it is illegal to access a voting machine. The Aam Aadmi Party said that the gadgets it used was built by the IIT grads, and there was not even 1 percent difference" between the prototype and actual voting machines.  In firm dismissal of the testimony, the AAP should participate in the hackathon, likely to be held at the end of the month said by the Commission.  Done, responded AAP promptly, confirming that Saurabh Bhardwaj, the legislator who conducted yesterday's demo, will serve as its representative. Mr Kejriwal also proclaimed that it would not take "more than 90 seconds" to crack the code of a voting machine.

Not only Arvind Kejriwal but also the Congress party included the challenged the legitimacy of EVM. It is been confirmed by the Commission that the next general election in 2019 will only use to upgraded machines that offer instant evidence of the vote recorded by printing a paper receipt that is visible before it drops into a sealed box.
At Friday's session, parties will be asked to help draft the guidelines for the hackathon, though the Commission says that the term is being wrongly used for its event since hackathon involve machines connected to the internet, while vote machines have no online feature which is vital for their security.

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