On Earth Day, NASA Released A Beautiful Photograph Of The Earth

To celebrate Earth Day, two days ago NASA released a beautiful picture of Earth showing how beautiful it looks from the Saturn. Image is captured by Cassini spacecraft which shows the earth from between the icy rings.

The tiny drop like object shining from far in the dark is our miraculous planet Earth. According to National Aeronautics And Space Administration in a statement, the part which can be seen in the picture is the part of Southern Atlantic Ocean facing Saturn. The image was tweeted by NASA on 20th April and 8500 times it had been retweeted

The miniscule, which is almost invisible dot on the left size of the image is actually the earth's moon.

If you want the clearer view then NASA had also released a zoomed image also:

The spacecraft which captured the view on 12th April was exactly 1.4 billion kilometers away from the earth. Shocking, isn’t it?

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