Diwali Has Come Early Due To Changes In GST Rules, Says PM Modi

WARKA: On a two-day visit to Gujarat that heads for elections later this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the changes made to the Goods and Services Tax that eases compliance rules was a cause for celebration.

"Diwali has come early for our citizens due to decisions taken in the Goods and Services Tax council," said PM Modi, who has called steps taken to simplify the GST regime a reflection of the government's constant endeavour to safeguard citizens' interest and ensure the economy grows.

The GST Council had carried out major changes to the national tax regime introduced in July on Saturday following complaints from businesses and amid criticism from the opposition over the way GST has been implemented.

The council, apart from letting small businesses pay taxes on a quarterly basis rather than monthly, had also slashed taxes on 27 items including Khakra, a crispy snack in Gujarat.

PM Modi, speaking at a function to lay the foundation stone of a bridge in Dwarka, said Saturday's review was in line with the government's promise when GST was rolled out in July. "We had said we will study all aspects relating to GST for 3 months, including the shortcomings," he said.

PM's Modi's two-day visit comes just days before the Election Commission is expected to announce the election schedule for elections in Gujarat, kicking in the model code of conduct that will restrict the government from starting any new work in the state or even make any promises.

This is PM Modi's fourth visit this year to the state.






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