A Disheartening Video On Instagram: Watch Here

A disheartening video has emerged on Instagram which focuses on how a middle-aged woman with her head stuck between the doors of a subway in New York was trying for clues tp get out,  but no one was willing to help her. A number of commuters were past her by, everyone watching but nobody helped her.

In less than 12 hours of video being posted, it has already been viewed over 1,200,000 times.

In the video the train is stopped at a station and someone is shooting this video from another train, the woman's neck is outside the train and her body is inside with her bag also stuck at the bottom.

The most weird thing about the video is many people have seen the lady stuck in the subway but no one is willing to help only a sound can be heard of a person yelling to help her, even the lady herself is not distrusted by the incident and not even asking for help.

One person lashes out at the person filming, asking why he or she did not help: "...there's a human being behind a 'camera' filming the whole thing...instead of helping this woman...Nothing should have that much control over you, to where you don't even help people."

The video ends before it can be known how she managed to get free and for how long she was there.

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