Dilemma after class 10th: Which Stream to go for?

Here is something that you might link to. The dilemma that every student faces in or after class 10th is about the stream he/she should go for. This is the first step when you take step towards you career. Though you have a total of four options namely, Arts, Commerce, Medical and Non Medical but here we are just taking the dilemma of Science vs. Commerce.
* Science: - The foremost need to go in any field is to know your capabilities. If you are good in Science (PCB) then this is can be a nice option.
-Good in going for professional streams. E.g.:- Engineering, BSc.
- Learning practical implications. What happens around you could be explained by Science.
-You can make shifts after class12th in case you change your mind.
- For Non –Medical, Maths is a compulsory subject. While studying medicine does not impose any compulsion of taking Maths.

*Commerce: - If you are good in understanding economics and business then this is can be a nice option.
- Valuable in any field you may go. After all each sector has its own process of commercialisation.
- An evergreen demanded background. Trend may come and go people with finance and accounts department will always be required.
- You cannot make shifts after class12th. Shifting to Arts stream is possible.
- Taking maths as a subject is optional but it is good if one choose to study maths for a couple of years. This will help the student to plan his/her higher studies according to his goals.
Options are many in any stream. What counts is just hard work and talent. So go for a subject that suits your abilities.

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