Devendra Fadnavis: Farm Loan Waiver To Study UP By Maharashtra

Devendra Fadnavis, chief minister of Maharashtra said to the government today about the study in UP model of Farm Loan remission worth Rs, 36,000 crore. Where Shiv Sena and BJP members demand in Legislative Assembly  that the state government announces a load remission for distressed farmers, ‘we will study how UP will raise such a large amount of money’ said by Fadnavis.

CM has directed the state finance secretary to review how UP goes about with the promised debt waiver. High Court referred to directive in Tamil Nadu asked the state government to resign farm loads along with the peasant protest, ‘decision of resigning farm load is the due of the government’ Fadnavis added.

Devendra Fadnavis Tweeted,

CM targeted the opposite party for staying away from the house proceedings by saying that they were wandering outside by the name of ‘Sangharsh Yatra’. CM felt that ‘the Shiv Sena and BJP member’s attitude regarding the farm loan remission waiver is genuine and the state government is positive to it.’

"We have asked Centre for financial assistance. If we don't get help from Centre, we are working on how a loan waiver (of Rs 30,000-crore) can be granted." Fadnavis said. After a break of 3 days in house assembly, speaker Haribhau Bagde called for the question, members of Shiv Sena and BJP were on their feet over the issue of famer loan waiver.

Two farmers committed suicide in satara district as they were in Debt-Ridden, Shamburaje Desai said, "If Uttar Pradesh can make provision of Rs 36,000 crore to waive off loan Upto Rs 1 lakh, why can't Maharashtra. Our financial condition is better than Uttar Pradesh. UP Chief Minister did not wait for central government help,"

Before the budget session end on April 7, the Rs. 30,500 crore loan should be waived off, said by Desai. Farmers in Parbhani are planning to go on Strike from 1st June to stop Kharif sowing, Subhash Sabne from Shiv Sena said. He even asked ‘if farmer strike and stop sowing, should we eat ‘dhatura’ (poisonous thorn apple).’

The state government should go for loan rejection to make sure there is no burden on the financial condition and continue the investment in agriculture sector said by Ashish Deshmukh and Sanjay Kute both from BJP.

Former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar stated that, ‘the farmers should not let them live in peace,’ his Nephew Ajit Pawar also stated that ‘They should give the 3 days ultimatum’

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