Desi Bieber’ Arjun Tendulkar Goes To Justin Bieber’s Concert On Crutches

On Wednesday at Navi Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium the Justin Bieber’s concert took place which saw a veritable who’s who of celebs descending at the venue at the evening to experience the Grammy winning pop sensation.


Arjun Tendulkar son of Sachin Tendulkar also attended the concert, he seems to be a big Belieber braving pain to watch the singer perform.

The upcoming cricketer was spotted at the concert walking around on the crutches, on his left foot Arjun had a bandage, but for the Belieber the wound was no barrier.


The International Pop star Justin Bieber has left his fans furious when they realised that the singer was lip-syncing in some parts of his song in the concert during the live performance. The Canadian singer was mocked by the Twitterati’s and demanded an apology from Justin after having to pay the hefty ticket prices, costing some as much as Rs, 76,000


The social media keep on referring Arjun Tendulkar as the ‘Indian Justin Bieber.’  Well, what could be a better chance to compare the two once again on Twitter than with the Canadian singer having disappointed Indian fans? Twitter verse was quick to pounce on the opportunity and suggest that may be it was Arjun Tendulkar who was there on stage.


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