This Delhi Train Gets A Big Makeover, In A National First

Indian railways has added solar panels to the roof of a train in a national first as India tries to reduce its massive carbon footprint and modernise its vast colonial-era rail network.

Once powered by diesel -- inside the train the fans, lighting and information displays will run off the sun's energy after the panels were fitted to the carriage.
The train has begun journeys around New Delhi, helping move just some of the 23 million passengers who use India's rail network every day.

"At least Four other solar-powered trains in the next six months we will be inducting," Anil Kumar Saxena, Indian railways spokesperson, told AFP on Wednesday.

Batteries charged by the solar panels during the day take over if there is no sunlight, Saxena added.

On this green energy each train drawing is expected to save around 21,000 litres of diesel every year, helping reduce India's enormous reliance on fossil fuels and huge output of carbon emissions.

Built by the rulers of India's former British colonial, the railway system is one of the world's largest and is still the main means of long-distance travel in the huge country.
But years of financial neglect and a populist policy of subsidising fares have hit the network hard. In 2014 May, vowed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to revive it after coming to power in May 2014.




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