It’s Delhi Traffic Police Vs Gurugram Police On Twitter. Nobody’s Amused

New Delhi: We have come to love the wonderful way in which various police departments of the country run their social media handles - but something rather strange played out on Friday on Twitter. Instead of the hilarious memes and creative social messages that we have come to associate with police accounts, Delhi Traffic Police and Gurugram Police decided to play the blame game instead - and nobody was happy about it. As heavy rains on Friday brought traffic to a standstill in the National Capital Region, Delhi Traffic Police and Gurugram Police argued on Twitter over jurisdiction.



It began when a commuter tweeted Delhi Traffic Police about a traffic jam on NH 48


Delhi Traffic Police then replied saying that the area was out of their jurisdiction and that the complaint was being forwarded to Gurugram Police


This in turn led to the Gurugram Police to counter by saying that it was traffic in Delhi that was causing congestion in Gurugram

Even though Delhi Traffic Police ended the blame game by saying that staff is present to regulate traffic, the Twitter exchange left many annoyed.







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