Delhi-NCR Painted with Wintry Chill : Temperature might waver around 3°C

While the winter season seemed to shock us by not blossoming fully, it seems like we were being deceived considering the weather at the moment. We saw a chilly Wednesday with minimum temperature plunging significantly to 4°C that is three degrees below the normal average night temperature of 7.6°C.

This wintry chill that was missing from Delhi-NCR has knocked the doors and has even made people dress up in heavy woollens.

Mercury is expected plunge further and linger around 3°C during the next two days. The day might be sunny but you can expect chilly winds to shiver you up. These chilly winds are a result of heavy snowfall recorded in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. These winds are now reaching the Northern Plains including Delhi-NCR.

Since the winters have finally arrived, it’s time for us to pack ourselves in woollens and make the most of the wintry chill.

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