With Dead Wife, Husband Stays In A Room For 6 Days. Russell Davison Has A Reason Behind The Stay

In United Kingdom a grieving husband slept in the same room as his wife’s body for six days after her death. The husband did to challenge the attitude that people have towards death.

Russell Davison's wife Wendy Davison who was 50 year old dies in their house in Derby last month, after battling from cervical cancer for about 10 years.

Husband Russell Davison was left ‘Heartbroken’, said that he did not want her wife Wendy Davison's body to be taken to a mortuary and he wanted to challenge the attitude that the people have towards death.

From the Incident the legalities have been confirmed, Reported by BBC that Russell Davison had the rights of legal to have kept his wife Wendy Davison’s body at their home in Derbyshire. Further Coroner’s court confirmed that his wife Wendy Davison’s doctor has pronounced her death.

Russell Davison said that the, "Death seems to be such a taboo subject in our society, no-one seems to want to talk about it."

He further added by saying that, "I did not want her in the mortuary or handed over to a funeral director, I wanted us to take care of her ourselves at our home, have Wendy Davison in our bedroom so I could sleep in the same room."

For Cervical Cancer Wendy Davidson was diagnosed, after their 40th birthday party in the year 2006, Wendy Davison and her husband Russell Davison decided to take a Natural approach to her healthcare and treatment.

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