A Day After Birthday Bash, AAP Gets Tax Notice Over Donation Mismatch

NEW DELHI: Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been slapped a Rs. 30-crore tax notice over alleged violations in donations and has been asked for an explanation by December 7.

Why shouldn't Rs. 30.67 crore be recovered from you, Delhi's ruling party has been asked by the Income Tax department.

The party yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of its evolution from an anti-corruption campaign to a political outfit.

Mr Kejriwal, 49, has alleged that the tax crackdown is part of the central government's strategy to persecute AAP and discredit its anti-corruption mission.
Earlier this year, the AAP was asked by taxmen to explain alleged tampering of its account books and discrepancies in its report about donations received in 2014.

AAP's critics have alleged a huge mismatch in donations shown in election documents and on the party website.

Tax officials believe the party has not been able to account for a chunk of donations - around Rs. 2 crore - it received from overseas supporters before the 2015 Delhi election, which it won.





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