CRPF Survivor on Ambush: Maoists Used Grenades, Crude Bomb And Rocket Launchers

Maoists with a large group trap the team of CRPF in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma area on Monday, 25 Soldiers are killed in the deadliest attack in 7 years. In the attack by Maoists, the Rocket Launchers, Crude Bomb and Grenades are being used.

The 300 Maoists were swooped in on the soldier said by one of the survivor from the attack, the Maoists were part of the road opening, just 2 KM from the camp of CRPF. The question which raises is that how so many Maoists were present and were in a position to carry out an attack as a major one.

Maoists sent locals to base the position of the team of CRPF, before attacking. A Survivor from the attack by Maoists, Sher Mohammad told to Media. He further added by saying,
"We were set upon by 300 of them... villagers, women and the militia-types in black uniforms. They had rocket launchers... automatic weapons, AK 47, INSAS rifles. We also killed many of them."

In CRPF’s official statement the number was confirmed, Sudeep Lakhtaki the Director General of the Force told to NDTV that reports of 300 attackers "may be inaccurate" and may have been shared by Jawan’s in a state of shock.

Mr. Kumar in the morning said, "The total strength of a Maoist cadre in the area would not be more than 300 so the assumption is that one entire Maoist force may have been involved in the attack. However, this is an assumption."

Reports that IEDs were asked about, which were used by the Maoists, he said, "IEDs may have been used as a diversionary tactic. Investigations to look for tell-tale signs of IEDs are on. Gunfire definitely took place."

In the area of Sukma about 99 CRPF soldiers were present, which is the worst Maoist affected in Chhattisgarh to provide security for road building.

When the Maoists were ambushed, the response came from the troop but Maoists had a “Geographical Advantage.” 24 soldiers killed and one died on his way to Hospital, in a gun battle.

A "considerable number of Maoists is believed to have been eliminated as the tell-tale sign indicate from the ground," as by the CRPF

Sukma is a part of South Bastar, which from a very long time have suffered the Maoist menace. About 200 security personnel have died in 6 attack since April 2010 in Chhattisgarh.

On April 6, 2010, 76 personnel of the CRPF were killed in an attack in Dantewada. Two months later, on June 29, 26 men from CRPF were killed in Narayanpur.

In March a dozen of men from CRPF were killed.

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