Crew Too, Says Sena MP Banned By Air India For Assault, Set Rules For Airlines’

For unruly flier the centre proposed a non-fly list, after which the Member of Parliament from the Shiv Sena Gaikwad, who is been banned by domestic airlines following a run-in with an Air India staff, said today that the strict guidelines should be laid down for airline crew as well on how to treat their passengers. Mr Gaikwad reacted to the release of draft rules by the centre on unruly and disruptive passengers that recommended a flying ban for more than 3 months.

Mr Gaikwad repeatedly hitting an Air India employee the move came in the backdrop of the row, Mr Gaikwad hitted with slippers for not allowed to fly in the business class on an all economy plane.

Mr Gaikwad said, "There are some guidelines already existing and updating it is a routine procedure. I think the (Civil Aviation) ministry has deliberately announced it to remind people about the entire episode."

Mr Gaikwad further told to PTI, “There should be similar framework and set of rules for the airline crew as well on how to treat and address the requirements of passengers.’’

"Hardly any action is initiated against its crew. If rules have to be formed, there should be equally stringent rules for the crew members as well," said by Mr Gaikwad

Mr Gaikwad claimed to have hit a senior staffer of the AI with a slipper on 23rd March, that too for about ’25 times’ as Mr Gaikwad was not allowed to fly in business class in an all economy plane.

On 8th April later, Air India and private carriers lifted the flying ban on Mr Gaikwad after the incident he apologised.

The list proposed by The Ministry of Civil Aviation which will include the name of passengers identified as unruly after an inquiry by a committee constituted by a particular airline.

By security agencies a person identified as a threat will also be included in this list. While the list is characterised as 'national' and will have data on disruptive passengers from all airlines, the ban recommended by the committee is not mandatory for all airlines to follow.

The government will come out will the final amendments by 30th June, as being placed in Public domain for 30 days for comments and feedback from stakeholders.

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