Congress Alleges ‘Biggest Scam Of Century’ 2 Types Of Rs. 500 Notes?


Today, in Parliament the opposition’s allegation of Rs 500 notes of two types are printed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) provoked a huge row and in the Rajya Sabha also forced an adjournment.

In the Rajya Sabha displaying the images of two Rs 500 notes by the Congress and claiming that they were of different designs and size, alleged the "biggest scam of the century".

The party's senior leader Kapil Sibal said: "Today we have discovered why the government took the demonetisation decision. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) prints two kinds of notes in different sizes and designs."

 The Congress alleged that the BJP is flush with funds because of this. His colleague Ghulam Nabi Azad alleged that, "We never printed two kinds of notes, one for the party and one for the government - there are two kinds of Rs. 500 notes and two kinds of Rs. 2,000 notes."


Arun Jaitely the Finance Minister also accused the Congress for making ‘Irresponsible statement’ and raising frivolous subjects in the house.

"There is no such provision where you flag any paper and say it's a Point of Order....irresponsible remarks are being made about the currency... Zero Hour is being misused," said Mr Jaitley.

Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi questioned the source of the notes.

Mr Jaitley later said he would verify the authenticity of the notes. "Given such a big print run there can be an odd case of a currency note being slightly bigger or not," he told NDTV.

Finance Ministry sources say a slight variation in size and design of notes is possible and stress that the government has never asked for two different sets of notes to be printed.

"Different printing presses might have a slight variation in size and design. This does not mean there are two different sets of bank notes," said the sources.



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