CM Of Goa Thanked Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh For The Carelessness To Form Party In Goa

Goa's Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar after bidding farewell today thanked member of the House and Congress leader Digvijaya Singh for failing to install a Congress government in the state despite winning with majority in the assembly elections 2017.

In Assembly elections 2017, irrespective of party winning in Goa the BJP came in and seeked the help of small majority and formed government before Congress can take actions, many questions also arised about such step but as majority was formed nothing can be done

Mr Parrikar, who resigned as the India's Defence Minister to return to his home state earlier this month, visited the Rajya Sabha.

"I express my thanks to the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and members of this house for their support during my tenure as the Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister) and invite them to Goa whenever they want to come," he said.

Then, Mr Parrikar added, "My special thanks to honourable member Digvijaya Singh, who happened to be in Goa but did nothing so that I could form the government." Annoyed Congress lawmakers rushed to the Rajya Sabha Chairman's podium to protest.

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