Clashes Over The Gangster From Rajasthan Whose Family Kept His Body In Freezer

In Rajasthan’s Nagaur a man was killed and over 20 policemen were injured as clashes erupted yesterday over the death protest of a gangster whose body has been kept in a freezer for nearly 3 weeks. A CBI inquiry has been demanded by Anand Pal Singh’s family who has refused to cremate him. His death took place in an encounter with the police on 24th June.


NRK Reddy the senior officer said that, mob attacked a police team with stones and set an officer's vehicle and four buses on fire, injuring over 20 policemen. In Jaipur hospital the three critically injured policemen were taken.

Protesters also uprooted portions of railway tracks in the area, after which train traffic was diverted for some time. "They also blocked a railway track but it was cleared and the agitators were removed from there," Mr Reddy said.

The police used batons on angry crowds who alleged that they were fired at. The police said they used rubber bullets to try and control the mob.


The protests escalated after a massive meeting of Rajput community leaders last evening. A curfew is in place in parts of Nagaur and internet services have been suspended in four districts including Bikaner.

Anand Pal Singh was from the Ravna Rajput community.

His family and others in his village allege that he was shot dead by the police even though he was willing to surrender.


His body was in the morgue for six days as his family refused to accept it. Since July 1, it has been kept by the family in a freezer with his garlanded photo on it. It has become a shrine of sorts for protesting villagers. His mother, wife and two daughters are among a crowd of women sitting in protest at his house.

The police have denied allegations that he was shot dead because of a political conspiracy.

Officers say he was asked to surrender but he opened fire, leaving three policemen wounded.

Nearly 40 cases were registered against him between 1992 and 2017, say the police. These include six murder cases.

Anand Pal Singh was arrested in 2012 for murder from a farmhouse in Jaipur. In 2015, he dramatically escaped from police custody on his way back from court to a prison in Ajmer.

Without any known source of income, he reportedly has two apartments, land and other properties. One of his daughters is studying in Dubai.




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