The City That Missed His Itinerary, PM Modi Has A Namesake In Israel

In Israel Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a namesake – “City of the Future” a young town is seem emerge.


Modi'in Maccabim Re'ut is a modern city, located in central Israel, about 35 km south-east of the capital, Tel Aviv.
Rabbi Akiva, who is living in India for six years now said that, “It is a young city which is growing very fast with a youthful population.”


Few years before he moved to India he had visited Modi’in, he said.


He told to PTI that, “Though the city's nomenclature has no connection with Modi, the coincidence is amusing.”


Rabbi Akiva said in a lighter vein that the “in” in the name of the town could stand for India.



Israelis were “Happy” about PM Modi’s visit to their country, the first by as the Indian Prime Minister added by Rabbi.


Yesterday the three day visit to Israel was wrapped up of PM Modi. Modi'in was not on his itinerary, with the prime minister visiting Tel Aviv and Haifa.

According to the official website of Modi'in, the cornerstone of which was laid in 1993, it is the "City of the Future".
"The city was named after the ancient city of Modi'in, the home of the Hashmonaim, the dynasty that personified the glorious heritage and heroism of Israel," it says.


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