Chief Justice Says, “Blue Whale Can Lead To Anything”, Amid Growing Cases


The growing cases of attempted suicides by teens linked to an online game called Blue Whale provoked concern today by Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Khehar who remarked in court, "We head about Blue Whale - that it can lead to anything." Separately, Mankea Gandhi, the minster for Women and Child Welfare, today urged parents through Twitter "to monitor the activities of children & dissuade them from falling prey to #BlueWhaleChallenge."

The centre over the weekend asked major internet players including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp to ensure they remove links that lead to or promote the game. So far, three teen deaths in Mumbai, Bengal and Kerala have been linked by either family or the victims' classmates to the game, which originated in Russia. Police officials however say they have so far uncovered no evidence to corroborate this claim.

New agency Press Trust of India said today "More than six children across India in the age group of 12-19 years have taken their lives playing this game within a span of two weeks."
Teen boys in Solapur and Indore were stopped last week from risking their lives with the game, which presents players with a list of formidable tasks to be completed in 50 days and seeks photo proof; the final assignment is suicide.

A Public Interest Litigation or PIL in the Delhi High Court has asked today for internet companies to remove any material linked to the game; The petition also seeks a special team of the Delhi Poilce be assigned to oversee that internet platforms comply with the order.




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