Charles Sobhraj, India’s Biggest Law Breaker Is Expecting To Get Freedom

Charles Sobhraj is the name everyone must be familiar with, Asia’s biggest law breaker is now trying to get out of the Kathmandu’s biggest prison.

The famous serial killer who is now of 72 years and probably bored by spending his life behind the bars, has signed the petition in Kathmandu that he should be released as per the new amendments in the guidelines of Nepal Jail manual that guarantees an automatic release of prisoner of over 72 years of age.

He had already spent around more than 14 years in solitary confinement in central jail of Nepal.

On 12th April, Sobhraj in a telephonic conversation during his twice telephonic call from the prison told his mother-in-law and lawyer Shakuntala Thapa that they cannot keep him here forever. He is being denied justice.


Few documents involving to the 58-year-old case are with present with the Nepal Police, but those who all probed the case claiming that Sobhraj came to Nepal after committing around five murders along with an Indian man, Ajay Chowdhury. The first victim was from Seattle, Teresa Knowlton who was found dead in a pool, wearing a bikini. The others were Vitaji Hakim, a Jew, whose body was found burnt and Hakim’s girlfriend, another person who had come looking for him, Charmayne Carrou. They also murdered a Dutch couple whose bodies were later found burnt and discarded.

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