Chandigarh Municipal Election Results 2016: The Landslide Victory of BJP

While BJP has been able to let go a revolutionary zeal throughout the country, what is the situation in Chandigarh, Punjab?  The ruling party in Punjab, BJP and Akali Dal alliance has won in municipal elections in Chandigarh.  The allies have won 20 of the 26 seats and on the other hand, Congress could make it just to four. Akali has been able to score just one.

Mr. Amit Shah claimed that this is a sign of people approving BJP’s decision of demonetisation.  This is just a small win but signalling a big win to the ruling party as opposed to the Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party which hoped to mimic its splendid success in Delhi last year. Congress which is coming as one of the most rigid rival of BJP now days has also got a reply by the joyous mood of BJP Party.

On one hand, Congress stands against the decision of Note Ban by the ruling party claiming that it is punishing none but the common, innocent and poor man of the country and here lays the other side of the coin where the same common man voted for and showed thumbs up to the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

BJP has also made significant attainments in Gujarat and Maharashtra and the whole credit seems to go to PM’s decision to fight against Corruption by cutting its roots.

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