CEO Of Qantas Airways Hits With A Pie In The Face, Still Laughs It Off Like A Boss


Alan Joyce the Qantas Airways boss, reacts surprised everyone after a man smeared a cream pie in his face during breakfast of Business in Australia. Alan Joyce, the Australia’s flag carrier head, was speaking in Perth at an event, Perth is the capital of Western Australia State, when an older man walked onto the stage in a business suit, reached around to rub the pie in Alan Joyce face, and then walked away calmly.

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At the first Qantas CEO Alan Joyce appeared stunned by the incident but quickly regained his composure, by saying that he had no idea why he been targeted before leaving the stage to clean up himself.

Alan Joyce returned back to continue his speech but he removed his blazer, joking about the incident. "Now, if there are any pies can you get over with now?" said by Alan Joyce.

Later, Alan Joyce talking to the reporter, Mr Joyce joked he had been unable to identify what flavour pie he had been hit with.
"I have absolutely no idea - I'm not a big pie eater," Alan Joyce said. "I didn't have a chance to test it, it was mostly on my glasses."

"I think my issue is I need a new drycleaner before I leave Perth, so if you have one could you please recommend it to me," Alan Joyce laughed.

Here are the tweets which did not stop from speculating:

The motive of the unidentified man was unclear but he was soon apprehended by the Security Guards. Later, the state police confirmed that officers had been called to an assault at a hotel of Perth and the unidentified man was in custody.

Long a comedy favourite, the pie-in-the-face routine has also developed as a form of political protest.

News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch was famously hit in the face with a pie while he testified before a British parliamentary inquiry into a phone-hacking scandal in 2011.

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