The Celebration Of 12Th Board Last Exam Led A Death Of 1 Person At Kashmiri Gate

In Delhi one person was sleeping on a pavement and was killed and three were injured early this morning after being hit by the car which was a high speed. The car was driven by the 12th class students of a top level school. There was no license with the two teenagers and the driver. As they are now arrested.

Around 5:30 Am the accident took place at ISBT, a bus terminal which is a busy one in North Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate. The Police, Teen driver was out for celebration with the 3 of his class mates as they finished their 12th class board examination.

There was witness who saw the accident said, a Hyundai i20 car, was being driven at a very high speed and the teenager lost control and drove on a pavement where several homeless people were sleeping

Out of 3, 2 of the school boys have ran away. The Police Offier Jatin Narwal said, “They were driving recklessly. After investigation we got to know that the one driving the car does not have a license.”

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